The Last Ever Pre-decimal Penny

Changing faces of Irish Coinage

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  • Every coin in the set is layered with pure 99.9%- 24 Carat Gold and struck to proof quality.
  • The main motif on each coin layered in Rhodium Platinum, the most precious metal in the world.
  • Included in the set are free collectors gloves, free presentation box and free certificate of authenticity with each coin.
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Celebrate 95 years since the formation of the Irish Free State with the National Heritage Pre-decimal Coin Set, a collection that pays homage to the coinage issued as a result of Ireland’s success in gaining independence from British rule in 1922.

The set begins with the last-ever Irish Pre-decimal Penny, the Pingin that depicts a hen with chicks on the reverse, and an image of Ireland’s national symbol since the 1530s - the Brian Boru harp on its obverse. By ordering the Pre-decimal Penny, you will automatically be granted access to the remaining coins in the set.

The last few years have seen two significant anniversaries in Ireland’s struggle for independence. In 2016, we marked 100 years since the events of the Easter Rising on April 24th 1916, where republican rebels fought across Dublin to reclaim Ireland from British rule. Although the Easter Rising was ultimately unsuccessful, the events of the uprising sparked the beginning of Ireland’s movement towards a fully independent state.

In 2017, we commemorate 95 years since the creation of the Irish Free State of 1922, which came into fruition as a result of tense revolts from republican leaders over Ireland’s future as a country. The Irish Free State represented everything that Ireland had been desperate to achieve for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

When Ireland became the Free State in 1922, the newly founded Irish government worked to form a currency. The chairman of the committee in charge of creating and introducing a new Irish currency was W.B Yeats, the Irish poet famous for his literary influence and poems such as The Second Coming and Easter, 1916.

With just a few short years until the centenary of the legislation that revolutionised Ireland’s stance against the powers of Britain, what more of a timely way of commemorating Irish freedom than with Ireland’s ‘first’ coin designs.

The coins in this National Heritage Pre-decimal Coin Set together tell the story of Ireland’s agricultural heritage, featuring the country’s iconic animals – a sow with piglets, a salmon, wolfhound, hare, bull, horse and woodcock in flight. The animals appear on coins synonymous with Ireland’s rich history, such as the halfpenny, sixpence and farthing.

The National Heritage Pre-decimal Coin Set gives you the chance to own all of Ireland’s ‘first’ coin designs, together in one complete set.

Order today and save €30. The remaining coins in the set will then be sent to you at monthly intervals for €39.95 +€3.95 P&P. Please note we have limited availability and we are anticipating heavy demand in this coin set.

Price: €9.95